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Yi-hong Li is retired as the Principal of TCCLS

After 12 years service and 8 years as the Principal of TCCLS, Yi-hong Li is officially retiring from the Principal position. We thank her for her enthusiasm and dedication to TCCLS over the years and wish her a happy retirement life! Here is a message from Yi-Hong Li to all TCCLS teachers, students, and parents:


Dear All , It is with mixed feelings that I retire as the Principal of Tri-Cities Chinese Language School. I have enjoyed teaching and being principal for the past 12 years, but it is time for me to slow down. I will miss the bright, eager, and fun filled children and the many new friends I made each year. I know the new principal Jianhong Ge and VP Yanyan Zhu will receive your support during this transition.

In 2019 TCCLS celebrated its 40th year, and with a vibrant and active Chinese-American community the prospect of another 40 years lies ahead. Best wishes to all.




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