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Tri-Cities Chinese Language School (TCCLS) offers classes for students from kindergarteners to twelfth graders and adults. School mission is to teach and improve students' ability of speaking, reading, writing and comprehension in Chinese.

Time: Sundays 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location: 2004 George Washington Way, Richland, WA 99354

Principal: Daisy Ge          

Phone: 509-8277807                      


Course Offering: All classes are developed based on students' Chinese level and individual request. In-person speaking, acting, reading, writing and comprehension Chinese are main focuses in classes.  Students would be able to involve in real facial and body language while participating implementing learned Chinese. Chinese culture, festival celebrational activities, cultural arts, and dance will be introduced and incorporated in various classes.

Tri-Cities Chinese Language School (TCCLS) was founded in January 1979 by Dr. Yi-Yen Yang (M.D.) and several other enthusiastic parents. Dr. Yang passed away in 2020 and left a legacy of serving community and Chinese language learners. After more than forty years' growth, the school has been introducing Chinese to students from kindergarteners to twelfth graders, and adult learners. Through time in TCCLS, students have been experienced positive social interaction while learning Chinese. Involving more kids and adults in in-person learning environment became our primary focus to create a new flux of Chinese language learners in Tri-Cities. Our secondary focus is to grow Chinese learners in Tri-cities for the current and future generations of all ages. 

Most instructors hold a college degree in the North America.  In addition, every instructor speaks Chinese as his/her mother language.  School instructors are devoted to provide an efficient, and practical learning experience for enrolling students.

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