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2023 秋注册通知

欢迎三镇中文学校家长们,新学期注册已经开启,注册报名截止日期:8/25/2023。 逾期注册将额外收取每人$15 注册费,逾期注册时间将在 8/27/2023 下午课前 1:30pm--2:00pm. 在校学员,如果家庭信息没有变化,可以不填写注册表。刚入三镇中文学校学员请填写注册表。

2023 Registration Notice: Welcome to TCCLS, registration for the new semester has started.

Registration deadline: 8/25/2023;

Late registration will be charged an additional registration fee of $15 per person, and the late registration time will be 1:30pm--2:00pm before class on 8/27/2023. For current students, if the family information has not changed, they do not need to fill in the registration form. Students who have just entered TCCLS, please fill in the registration form.


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